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Physician Training


In order to maximize the efficacy and safety of the Seager Electroejaculation Equipment, physician training is required (approximately 4 hours).  This training can be obtained in the U.S. or arrangements can be made for training in your own Hospital or Clinic.  The latter method is very personal and has been highly effective.  Many physicians have been trained worldwide in the use of this equipment to date.


Trained physicians using Seager Electroejaculation equipment have continually reported a high ejaculatory success rate (up to 100% in all types of ejaculatory failure) with minimal complications.

A comprehensive Operations Manual is supplied with each unit in the language of your choice.

NOTICE:  Not all men who achieve an ejaculate can make their partner pregnant.  Pregnancy depends on the quality of the ejaculate, and other factors such as age and fertility status of their partner.

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