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Probes - Temperature Sensing Probes


As an important safety measure the probe electrode temperature is monitored throughout the electrostimulation procedure.  One of our major and patented innovations was to build into each probe small, highly sensitve and accurate temperature senors.  These sensors are connected to a digital display on the power unit via the probe cord.  The digital meter is large, easy-to-read, and has both a warning light and an audible indicator showing when a set-temperature has been reached.  If the preset temperature shoud be reached the warning audible will be activated and the machine will shut down.  It cannot be used again until a different probe is selected.  The specialized probes are precision machined with the utmost care from solid bars of PVC.  All surfaces are smoothly contoured and highly polished to ensure ease of insertion and removal.  The size of each probe is permanently marked on the handle for quick idenification.  We stock standard-sized probes with diameters ranging froim 1 inch (25mm) to 1¼ inch (31mm).

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