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Welcome to Dalzell USA Medical Systems

Dalzell USA Medical Systems equipment includes the Seager Electrostimulation Power Unit, Temperature Monitoring Probes and Accessories (patented) with the purpose of electroejaculation for the treatment of anejaculation.


Anejaculation is being diagnosed and reported in an increasing number of men, even those who are among the fertile age group.

Electroejaculation for the treatment of anejaculation is effective, safe, non-invasive, and if needed, repeatable.  Physicians continually report 100% success in obtaining an ejaculate; for many it is the method of first choice.  Other methods fail because they require the ejaculatory reflex arch to be intact.  The Seager electroejaculation equipment is not dependent on this.


Designed and Manufactured in the USA by Dalzell USA Medical Systems, Inc.  Proven Worldwide.


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